Electronic Invoice

Online Billing & Invoicing

We deliver a unique Electronic Invoice Application for the Aerospace Industry, integrating the Sales and Booking System, Revenue Accounting System, ERP, Loyalty Programs, Travel & Accommodations and OTA’s.

This PaaS solution with enhanced features for the finance department, treasure, controllers and external auditors to ensure that businesses are in compliance to fiscal regulations, accurate revenue reconciliation and customer experience.


Billing & Invoicing Portal

We deliver a customer and supplier portals to manage contact details, banking information, payment histories, and other data, providing real-time account reconciliation platforms with custom ERP integrations and reporting modules.

Mobile Billing & Invoicing Applications

Our technology uses a robust architecture and it can be used web or mobile, you can transaction on-line and get reports using your mobile devices.

Electronic Invoice for Small and Medium Business

For the Small and Medium Business Market, enITma delivers a line of products called “camina software” to help entrepreneurs managing and growing their business. We deliver inexpensive and specialized technology for different business type and industries such as: Food & Beverages, Eyewear and Optic Shop, Jewelry, Beauty Shop, Clothing & Shoe Stores, Retail, Professional Services and Nonprofit. We also provide a SaaS application integrated to our Point of Sales Solutions.

For more information visit: https://camina-software.com

Payment Processing & Billing Integrations

Our process starts with a payment, we created a custom payment/invoicing processing platform interfacing with Internal Revenue Services of many different countries such as SAT (Mexico), DIAN (Colombia), SUNAT (Peru), SAT (Guatemala), Ministerio de Hacienda (Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama). One system connected to different Tax offices in real time.

Point of Sales is also attached to our Invoicing System for invoicing processing, once payment is confirmed via cash, Coupon, e-wire, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, OTA’s among others; invoice is generated in compliance with the country of purchasing, an electronic certified document by fiscal authority is sent by e-mail to the customer in real time.