UX / UI – B2B / B2E / B2C

For many enterprise organizations, the Web is the first and most important point of contact with customers and prospects. Our company helps these organizations improve customer interactions by delivering highly personalized online experiences. Our Web Solutions help organizations win and retain customers growing revenue by delivering custom content anytime, anywhere, to any Internet-enabled device. We are specialized implementing Portals, and Web Content Management from the most important software vendors including Open Source.

Our job is to play an integral role in the evolution of the Web.


B2B, B2E, B2C

Single point of access for customers, employees and suppliers to all the content of the organization, creating personalized communication vehicles and increasing departmental effectiveness inside and outside the organization.



Enterprise Application Integration

Integration of all the Systems and Applications of the organization through technology adapters. By connecting different software products, we help improve the performance of the portal with the real interconnection of the organization's systems.


An easy-to-use and intuitive web 3.0 multi-browser user interface that will provide a rich browsing experience as well as having the ability to manage social networks, blogs, wikies, podcasts and Web applications under open standards that are also displayed in a PC or on any mobile device.


Out-Of-The-Box Applications

We make available to the end user a package of ready-to-use applications (custom developments, Webparts or Porlets from manufacturers), which can be analyzed and offer functionalities for web editing, content management, collaboration and interaction through social networks.

Web Content Management

It provides a single repository for your organization's content, allowing the capture and management of structured and unstructured content. Easily publish it on your portal or web page, providing security at a granular level, all this from a modern and friendly interface for the end user.

Social and

Construction and administration of applications that enable the creation of social networks by incorporating gadgets to the portal and Web sites, facilitating teamwork with the use of blogs, wikis, podcasts and Web applications under open standards. 


Process and Workflows

Generation of flows and compliance with business processes through authorization and approval for the publication of Web content according to the user profile within the organization: creators, reviewers, editors and content administrators.

Enterprise Information Management (Search)

Enable your users to search and find relevant information within the organization, managing security levels even within external applications that are stored in the same central repository.


Integration of the organization's applications on a single platform without the need to authenticate multiple times. Integrates all systems allowing access to them from a single session.




The portal has a service-oriented architecture that allows the integration of corporate applications, accounting applications, human resources or sales with any other source of information.



Customization and Personalization

The administrator will be able to determine what level of personalization it allows so that users can personalize their personal spaces "My Page" without having to have technical knowledge of the platform. Sites and sub-sites can be created on both private and private pages.

Premier Support

We provide full support 7x24x365 with unlimited events. Personalized team for our customers needs.