Internet of Things

IoT Mobile Application Solutions

We create smart IoT mobile application solutions to effectively manage the network for smart things while implementing custom dashboard and reporting modules for optimized data visualization.

IoT Cloud Solutions

We combine the power of IoT and the cloud to create robust, highly functional cloud IoT solutions that support connected applications, power industrial operations, and more.

IoT App Development

We are a software company that creates excellent desktop, mobile, and browser-based applications used for controlling and drawing readings from IoT devices.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Mobile Applications

We engineer context-aware augmented and virtual reality mobile applications that utilize location data, object recognition software, and 3D features to provide the ultimate immersive user experience.


Internet of Things Development

Our developers provide comprehensive IoT software development services. We use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to facilitate multi-dimensional analyses of big data from multiple sources. We develop self-service and server-based dashboard software that can be easily deployed and installed into any on-premise network environment. Our IoT solutions can be customized for any certified device.


Embedded IoT and M2M Systems

We program and integrate embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gateways, sensors) into a host of IoT and M2M devices, including smart home equipment, industrial automation mechanisms “IIoT”, consumer electronics, smart cars, and wearables. We work with software embedded in IoT/M2M devices with sensors, touch screens, and other input methods, capable of real-time data transfers.


Sensor development

We develop a host of different types of sensors for detecting motion (including specific directions and gestures), pressure, temperature and humidity, the presence and proximity of objects, and environmental factors (water quality, chemicals and gasses present). We help automate processes like location tracking, industrial machine operations, proximity alerts, and machine learning.