About Us

About Us

enITma is a software company and digital transformation accelerator serving many of the Latin America largest airlines with a full range of specialized technologies for the aerospace industry.

enITma is considered a leader in IT Value Added Consulting services specialized in UX/UI, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Integration and Collaboration.

We establish long-term relationships with our clients. Our solutions are used by the most successful organizations to interact online with their employees, partners and most important, their customers. We develop Web Applications but we also integrate software. We help our clients improve their performance by providing innovative and flexible solutions using our methodologies and delivery model.

enITma is a customer focused company, we work understanding the strategic needs of our clients to build business and technology assisting them in achieving their objectives.

We assist our customers to better evaluate technologies making the best decision when investing in technology and purchasing software solutions.

Our award-winning solutions power some of the most powerful brands and enable organizations to have more meaningful interactions with their customers.

enITma’s key highlights include:

1.- Deep and unique regional footprint.
2.- Broad software and service offering.
3.- Robust software technology and platform infrastructure.
4.- Most airlines in Latin America and the USA use our technology.
5.- High technical and service expertise for the aerospace industry.
6.- Blue Chip Customer Base.


enITma was founded in 2016 and in six years enITma has achieved an awesome market position as a result of a strategy based on the anticipation of clients' needs and the software technology developed for airlines. In Latin America more than 70% of the airlines use enITma’ s specialized software technology and IT services.

The Company’s revenues have wroth double-digit year by year, EBITDA has been tremendous due to the acceptance of our software and services technology, in 2019 reaches 92% of income and in order to support the operation enITma doubled the number of employees in 2020, costs increased but the company keep handling more than 60% of EBITDA in 2021 with a high level of customer satisfaction, recently we conducted a customer survey and we proudly thank them for honoring us with a grade of 9.5 in a 1 to 10 scale.

enITma has a robust pipeline of large-scale projects, nowadays and besides the software products we deliver, we are the software factory for some airlines, developing web and mobile applications for all different company business users.



Our mission is to help our customers to achieve the Digital Transformation providing business solutions to improve their client interactions by delivering best of breed technology and IT value added consulting services as well as helping improving their efficiency with business decisions using right information in real time.


Our Vision is to be “# 1” company providing IT solutions into the aerospace industry, an IT expert you must evaluate when thinking on acquiring technology considering our prestige, experience, skills, customer satisfaction, methodologies, market share, financial wealth and commitment to our customers.




enITma's community passionately commits to deliver what we promise, we do whatever it takes with the only goal to keep the trust from our customers.


The recognition of our experience provided by our customers, partners and competitors commit us to work harder.


Integrity is the core foundation of our daily basis because Integrity supports every decision we make.


Loyal to us and to our families, loyal to our work, loyal to our partners, loyal to our suppliers and most important, loyal to our customers.

Short Time – Big Goals


enITma was founded in late 2015 starting operations in 2016 in four countries: USA – Austin Texas, Granada – Spain, Mexico City – Mexico, and Bogota – Colombia.

enITma starts the software factory for the aerospace industry and creates the Consulting Services division.



enITma starts “camina software” the Software division for Small and Medium Business. A product line for different industries such as: Food & Beverages, Eyewear and Optic Shop, Jewelry, Beauty Shop, Clothing & Shoe Stores, Retail, Professional Services and Nonprofit.

enITma launches “camina software” to the Latin American market.


enITma starts a “franchise store model” getting close to the SMB market. Now, entrepreneurs can go to a specialized technology shop to try a demo of “camina software” and buy the IT solution for their business. enITma opens three stores in Mexico City, a success story!

The largest Airlines in Latin America use enITma’ s technology, SaaS (Software as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service) are getting noticed in the industry.



enITma is being considered as a leader in technology software in the aerospace industry. Our unique invoicing technology for airlines is being used for 70% of the industry.

enITma is endorsed as a market leader, airlines with more than 20 aircrafts use enITma software.

Third consecutive year with 50% over EBITDA.


Proudly, 75% of airline users in Latin America hit an enITma solution, our technology platform delivers 3 of 4 invoices in 8 different countries.

60% of enITma’ s income comes from SaaS and PaaS in a monthly basis. The Company’s revenue has followed this trend since it was founded, growing double digit year by year, EBITDA has been tremendous due to the acceptance of our technology, in 2019 reaches 92%.



Our fifth Anniversary!!! enITma celebrates local operations in the USA, Mexico, Colombia and Spain with presence in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Peru. enITma keeps growing with more than 70% of market share and five consecutive years of double-digit EBITDA.


4 of 4 airlines in Mexico work with enITma, 3 of 4 airlines in Colombia use enITma’ s technology, 2 of 2 airlines in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Peru are enITma’ s customers.

enITma delivers “Best of Breed” technology for the aerospace industry.

+70% Market Share

+60% EBITDA (Six consecutive years)



Writing our success story, to be continue...

enITma Team, let’s get fun and success!